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Math Club (Grade 3) – Edinburgh Home & School Association
500 Ave. Hudson, Montréal-Ouest, Qc
School Office 514.486.0981

Math Club (Grade 3)


Open to Grades 3 only

Participants: max 20
Cost: Free!
When: Mondays during lunch
Begins: February 4th
Lenght: Mid-May

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Edinburgh’s math club – the Edinburgh Math-a-Maniacs.  

Now in its 10th year, the Math-a-Maniac mission is to make math fun for everyone.  No special aptitudes are required. 

  • Matho – a popular geometry bingo game
  • Who Has? – a fun way to practice basic math facts
  • Measure Me – an exercise in measurement and averages
  • Triangles – eat a variety of different triangles
  • Probabilities – toss the dice and guess the odds
  • Prime numbers, Algebra, Pi,  Sequences, etc….