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School Supplies 2018-19 FAQ

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Q: How do I get my order before school starts?
A: H&S will be scheduling order pickup dates during the week before school starts, during the day and in the evening. The exact dates will be emailed to you sometime in the summer.

Q: What if I can’t pick up my order during the pick up dates (I’m on vacation, out of town, etc)?
A: If you can’t pick up your order during the scheduled dates and you aren’t able to find someone else to pick it up for you, please contact us at info@edinburghhomeandschool.com and we will make alternate arrangements with you.

Q: I don’t want to buy everything on the school supply list from H&S, only a few items. Is this possible?
A: No. The fundraiser is fully run by parent volunteers so we are trying to keep it a simple as possible. There is 1 price per grade that includes everything on the school supply list. We are not offering the option to buy items on an individual basis.

Q: If I buy the personalized labels add-ons do I still need to pick up my order?
A: Yes for Grades K to 4. The labels will be provided to you with the school supplies, however you must still pick up your child’s school supplies package and label the supplies yourselves prior to the first day of school. If your child is in Grade 5 or 6 next year, you’re not required to pick up the supplies (although you may if you wish to). Orders will be waiting in your child’s classroom on the 1st day of school where they will label them themselves.

More questions?
Write us at info@edinburghhomeandschool.com and we’ll do our best to answer!


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