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Playground Improvement Project

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Let’s Give Our Kids FUN in Their Schoolyard

Edinburgh’s Playground Improvement Project aims to transform a good portion of Edinburgh’s schoolyard into a fun place for our children. Some of our goals are to promote physical activity, free play, exploration, learning and cooperation.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the project via Home & School’s various fundraisers!

The project is moving along!


Here’s what’s been done so far this fall:
• Students, teachers and PSA staff were consulted
• Other playgrounds were visited
• A request for proposals (RFP) was launched
• Bids are coming in and being evaluated
• An application for a sizable government grant was submitted

Based on what we heard from you, we’re exploring the following as part of the playground improvement, with the goal of encouraging free & imaginative play, safety, inclusivity, action and exploration:
• Play structure
• Mural
• Extra equipment such as snowshoes, toboggans, snow brick makers, shovels, balls, basketball nets, etc.
• Outdoor activity animation
• (New soccer nets for both fields have already been purchased by the school)

Next steps:
We will continue looking closely at the bids in order to determine a total cost for the project. Recognizing that donations – mostly from parents – will be the major funding source for this project, we pledge to be fiscally responsible when evaluating these bids.


The Playground Improvement Committee is managing Edinburgh’s Playground Improvement Project, which involves the school administration as well as the Home & School Association. It will be funded through grants and outside funding, but a large portion of the cost will be covered by Home & School’s fundraising activities. If you have questions, please contact info@edinburghhomeandschoolcom