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Birthday Book Program


Birthday Book Program (optional)

book-clipart-book-dragon-quotesFor the past several years the Edinburgh School Library has benefited greatly from a birthday book program. This program both enhances our library collection and honours a student on his/her birthday.

If you wish to participate in the birthday book program you may do so by making a cash donation of $15.00 – $25.00. The librarian will purchase a book in your child’s name.

Checks should be made out to Edinburgh Home & School. Books for children in K-2 will be purchased in French. Books for grade 3-6 may be in either French of English. All books purchased in a student’s name will be catalogued and processed for library use. A special book plate will be placed in the book in honour of the student.

The book will be delivered to the student’s class in order that he/she will be the first student to borrow that book. Summer birthday books will either be loaned out to the students in May or in September.


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~~~~ Online Contribution ,



[attr colspan=”2″]Click the “Add to cart” button for this item to be added to your shopping cart then click on “Proceed to next step” button to proceed with registration. Payment and student information will be requested at the end of the registration process.[/table]


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Cash or Cheque Contribution , Icon_Document02_Grey~~Print and return the following document and your payment to school.

[attr colspan=”2″]Remember to write your child’s name/grade/room# and what this payment is for on the back of any cheque sent to school. Thank you.[/table]