500 Ave. Hudson, Montréal-Ouest, Qc
School Office 514.486.0981 info@edinburghhomeandschool.com

About Us

The Edinburgh Home & School is a parents association dedicated to enhancing the education and general well being of children by bringing into closer relationship the home, the school and the community. We aim to promote the involvement of parents, students and educators to secure for every child the highest level of learning and advancement.

All parents are welcome to attend our meetings and participate. If they have paid the Quebec Federation of Home and School Association membership fee, parents can vote on all issues.


Co-President:  Julia Edwards

Co-President: Joanna Duy

Vice-President: Esther Bolofer

Treasurer: Laura Abbatiello

Secretary: Karin Derouaux

Membership: Nadia Vani

Communications: Christine Rivard

Christine Grandjean

Pamela Kujavsky

Robert Barnes

Patty Semeniuk

Please see our Documents and Meetings pages for more information about what we’re up to!